Welcome to the WattCafe® Power User Interface, Customized for California State University, Channel Islands.

This interface provides a diagnostic toolset for campus users to accurately assess their energy portfolio with a minimum of 15 minute interval. While the power user interface allows users to interact with the software, a "click free" interface is provided in the form of a digital dashboard that conveys top level energy information to the campus community.

Technical Information

1. Resolution - With most displays moving towards the wide screen format, WattCafe user interface is customized to a native screen resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

2. Browsers - WattCafe web interface is compatible with (1) Apple Safari v5 or higher (2) Google Chrome v13 or higher, (3) Microsoft Internet Explorer v9 or higher, (4) Mozilla Firefox v6 or higher and (5) Opera v5 or higher. Adobe Flash v10.3 or higher is also required. WattCafe is backwards compatible but may not be fully supported.

3. Mobile/Tablet Platform - Android platform is fully support. iOS platform interface is available but is not fully supported.

4. Accessibility - The WattCafe web interface provides a separate web page for accessibility conforming to the Section 508 standards. WattCafe is an evolving software with tons of new features being added weekly and is committed to providing the best available solution to its users with disability. If you need additional information on the campus data being displayed, please contact your campus Facilities and Operations department.

WattCafe is a trademark of Digital Energy, Inc.