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LCC is a web based (and mobile device based) Life Cycle Cost analysis application. You can use this app for two types of analysis: 1)compute life-cycle costs of a given alternative, or 2) compute life-cycle savings associated with an energy related investment.

By definition, LCC generally implies Present Worth Discounted costs that include consideration of investment, energy & utilities as well as operations and maintenance costs. For meaningful comparison of alternatives, it is important to hold key assumptions related to inflation rate, discount rate, energy escalation rates and study period constant across alternatives being analyzed.

Life Cycle Cost vs. Life Cycle Savings

If you are just calculating Life Cycle Cost of an alternative, input Investment cost, O&M cost, and energy use as positive numbers.

If you are calculating the merits of an energy efficiency measure, input investment cost as a -ve number, and all energy savings or generation as +ve numbers. Any increase in O&M cost would be entered as a -ve number.

SIR or Savings to Investment Ratio

This index is commonly used for energy savings type projects. A project with a SIR of >=1 implies that savings over time just pays back the investment.

Typically, State and government projects look for a SIR of at least 1.2 or higher.


If you do not have a login ID, please register first. Registration enables Read Only rights by default.

Once you register, you may contact the system administrator to seek additional application use privilages.


LCC allows database access through administrator assigned user rights.

1. An Administrator has all rights and can assign user right levels.
2. Users can be provided read and write OR just read only rights.
3. Database allows analysis of any number of alternatives for a given project.
4. Summary of alternatives are available under the My List button.

Database Access

1. The LCC database is contained in a cloud database.
2. Database is secure - only registered users within the organization using the application may access the database

Storing Project Alternative Data

1. Registered users can save and retrieve project alternatives.
2. App will have ability to export any of the LCC analyses into Excel reports.

Data Accuracy

1. The LCC calculations are as accurate as the data you provide.
2. All computations within the database are done with double precision to ensure that consolidated reports are accurate.
3. In order to make meaningful comparisons of alternatives, users are urged to exercise care in developing energy use, capital cost and maintenance cost assumptions.

Other Features

1. From time to time, Digital Energy, Inc. may add other features to enhance the value and ease of use of the application
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